Elegy for my former self

If I glue
plucked cornflower petals
to my eyelashes,
it won’t
be for beauty.
Rather an invitation
for bees to buzz,
dip tiny toes
in my line of sight, to carry
that bit of elsewhere—
something Other—
until I can’t
unsee it.
This is
necessary indulgence,
this is
a bloodletting.
Imagine memory
as a honeycomb,
an ever-hardening web.
I would be
a scarecrow burning
in a snowy field
at night,
wondering how to spread
a flame.

Evan James Sheldon

Evan James Sheldon’s work has appeared in CHEAP POP, Ghost City Review, Pithead Chapel, and Roanoke Review, among others. He is an Assistant Editor and Editorial Coordinator for F(r)iction. You can find him online at evanjamessheldon.com.